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CM40 Wrapper

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This machine, especially designed for the cosmetic market, meets the request of reduced overall dimensions, accessibility, a very easy size changeover procedure and maximum reliability.

Fully automatic machine to wrap small and medium-sized products, using reels of heat-seal wrapping material PP, PVC, PE, cellophane, etc. Simple and easy access mechanisms. Film feeding by means of grippers mechanical to change the film length for each different product.

Further, the film feeding system allows for the use of difficult and thin films and by stopping the film over the product guarantees an unsurpassed aesthetic quality of the overwrap. The machine is equipped with PLC as standard. The electric system, noise level and operators guard are European standard.

  • A compact, quiet, accessible, ergonomic and completely protected machine.
  • Self-diagnosis with display: immediate elimination of the anomalies detected and minimum loss of productivity.
  • The simples mechanics for a perfect heat seal
  • Excellent price-performance value.


  • Tear tape application
  • Printed film registration
  • Film perforations
  • Leaflet insertion
  • Wheels for machine displacement
  • Lateral sealing belts
  • Film length controlled via programming keypad
  • Toothed output device (spacing chain) for particular or soft products
  • Use of not heatsealable material, e.g. Kraft paper
  • Reel trimming unit

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