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CP150 Wrapper

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The CP150 is a wrapping machine ideal for wrapping parallelepipedal products with rolls of thermoweldable material, such as cellophane, PP, PE, PVC, layered papers and stickable Kraft papers.


The machine is of the elevator type; the film is cut by means of a rotating blade. The film forwarding is produced by conveyor tapes contrast rollers. Welding systems with electronic temperature control of each welder. The wrapping is well tight, complete packing or wrapper. Product belt or comb feed both in line and at 90°. The special film cutting and feed systems are the key point of this machine. These characteristics make this machine a unique high quality and reliability production unit and enable high-speed wrapping even with light-weight films. The welding temperature is controlled with a /- 0,5 C accuracy.


Standard conveyor belt feed in line with the outlet. On request, according with the product type: conveyor belt feed at 90° with the outlet, chain feed with special teeth for coupling in packing lines.


  • Tear tape application
  • Printed film registration
  • Film perforations
  • Leaflet insertion
  • Wheels for machine displacement
  • Lateral sealing belts
  • Film length controlled via programming keypad
  • Toothed output device (spacing chain) for particular or soft products
  • Use of not heatsealable material, e.g. Kraft paper
  • Reel trimming unit

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